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Top 3 Web Design Trends Of 2020

  • Feb 11, 2020
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Top 3 Trends That Will Blow Your Mind!

Now that 2020 has finally arrived, let us have a look at some of the newest Web Design trends that will rock the web designing world!  

Abstract illustrations

In order to generate attention and make your brand stand out, custom illustration style is an excellent way. An original illustration work belongs to a particular brand or product. The colour scheme and typography can be copied however, the personal style of work cannot be replicated.  

Nowadays, digital illustration is rising in popularity. In 2019, we saw a huge boom in the use of illustration works. All large corporates and brands are using them to spice up their design including Google, Trussle, Magneto, Casper, Shopify, Headspace, Mailchimp, Airbnb, BuzzSumo and many more.

However, web design companies are slowly realising that the general illustration works available all over the net no have the same eye-catching ability as they did before. In addition to that, many companies are using similar style of work. This gives you no room to stand out from the crowd. As a result, designers have started to embrace more abstract style of illustration and this style will dominate in 2020.

However, when designing abstract illustrations, it is important to remember that your audience is your viewers. The illustrations should be done in such a way that the audience can interpret your message.

Abstract designs without any plan or market understanding will not provide business values. This will rather fall into the arts category instead of working as a functional element that serves your specific business purpose that your local SMM service providers should be aware off by now.

Designs that are emotional

Design is a form of communication. When we talk about communication, we picturise trading of information and emotional values. However, the emotional aspects of communication can be easily missed.

Nowadays, the focus of designing has shifted towards great usability and the right emotional impact. Businesses are focusing on creating designs that has an emotional impact.  

Designers have access to plenty of tools that allow them to create more emotional interactions. For instance, you can use some humour in design or use simple animated effects to create delightful micro interactions, which have slowly become a favourite for the best digital marketing services all over the world.  

Geometric Shapes

If you want to create more appealing visual compositions then geometric shapes are one of the simplest yet power asset to use. Before, geometric shapes were used as visual dividers between sections. However, in 2019, designers started implementing these shapes in more interesting ways.

Nowadays, many product teams use geometric shapes to denote specific feelings such as soft geometric shapes, to create a futuristic look or sharp lines, and edges, to provide a brutalist feel.

These trends work in sync with other visual designs such as bold fonts and gradients. To create the perfect geometric shape for your next designs, take inspiration from the nature itself.


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