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4 Important Factors to Consider When Hiring an SEO Specialist

  • May 26, 2020
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4 Important Factors to Consider When Hiring an SEO Specialist

Boosting the online visibility of a website is one of the most important tasks for every online business. Having a supremely designed website is not enough when it comes to reaching out to your potential customers.

Even if your website has all the necessary attributes, no one will visit your website, because they don’t know your website address. To reach out to your potential customers, your website needs to appear on the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Ranking high on popular search engines is the best way to increase brand awareness and achieve great sales.

This is where the Online Marketing experts or SEO Specialists are needed. They have the knowledge, experience, skills and expertise required to promote your website online.

Here are some important factors you need to consider when hiring an SEO specialist:


With so many SEO agencies out there, choosing the right one could become a difficult task. You need to work with an SEO specialist, who has decades of industry experience. Nowadays, setting up a Search Engine Optimisation agency is not a big deal; anyone can do that overnight and claim to be and expert.

In reality, inexperienced professionals can never deliver the desired results. To achieve your business goals, you need to work with an agency that has rich expertise in handling SEO projects of all types and complexities.

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Work with someone who can live up to your expectations. Your SEO consultant or specialist needs to give you a detailed and long-term white hat strategy for your campaign. You need to avoid working with SEO professionals who use shortcuts to achieve high rankings.

Your website can get delisted or penalised by popular search engines if you hire people who use black hat (spammy) SEO strategies. Hire an SEO specialist who uses proper SEO strategies and abides by Google’s guidelines.


One of the most important things to do when hiring an SEO specialist is to ask for a portfolio. By checking the portfolio of the SEO specialist in question, you can get proper clarity on the projects he/she has handled for other businesses. If an agency claims to make a website rank high in the search results then they should not hesitate to provide you with proof.

Ask the SEO agency if they are willing to send you reports that show rankings through popular search engines for the last six months. The reports should be presented in a format that you can easily comprehend. You need to find out how successful they were in their campaigns. Ask for references and case studies to check whether the past clients were satisfied.


Search Engine Optimisation is no walk in the park as it includes an array of complex and technical aspects. This is why you should look for an SEO expert who will work closely with you throughout all the stages of the project. Your SEO specialist should not only provide you with detailed monthly reports but also communicate with you at regular intervals.

By considering the above-mentioned factors, you can easily hire the right SEO specialist for your project. At Aussie’s Own, we offer customised and strategic SEO services that can help you achieve your business goals. We take time to understand the specific needs of our clients before providing them with tailored service packages that best suit their requirements, business objectives, and budget.

You can rest assured that our team will use the best suited SEO strategies to make your website rank high in the search results as well as help you generate more sales.


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