Mobile App Design & Development

Over the years, smartphones have revolutionised the way we do business. Operating a business? Do you have a mobile app yet? If not, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities to take your business to greater heights. At Aussie’s Own, our highly efficient team of app designers and developers specialises in cross platform mobile development technologies. We can design and build a highly functional and user-friendly app to help your business thrive online.

Based on your goals and objectives, we can build bespoke mobile app solutions to help your business grow and innovate. With decades of experience in the industry, we offer hassle-free, cost-effective and customised app design and development solutions to businesses across all industries. We build end-to-end mobile app solutions for start-ups and enterprise level organisations and our team is adept at bringing complex business ideas to life.

Apps that Complement Your Branding and Marketing Needs

With years of experience in mobile apps development, we are fully aware of the different requirements of the Start-Ups, Small & Medium-Sized Businesses, as well as those of Enterprises and Corporates. With a rich portfolio of clients and a highly qualified team, we have earned a reputation of offering on-time delivery and competitively priced service packages. Aussie’s Own can help choose the right technology after assessing your business goals. We adopt a systematic and logical approach to app development besides offering highly functional and user-friendly solutions to help businesses innovate and flourish online.

We are committed to delivering the highest standards of service and professionalism. Our team begin with a detailed analysis of your business, its operations and its ultimate goal for mapping the possibilities that your target audience would look for. Keeping the end-user in mind, we design and build stellar apps that are optimised to garner excellent results when it comes to lead generation and online sales. With us, you get the choice of native, cross-platform or hybrid mobile apps that connect seamlessly with your existing digital solutions.

We Help You Choose the Right Platform

We are ultra-innovative and super creative when it comes to app design and development. Our team can not only develop a bespoke app that matches your needs, but also deliver a glitch-free and user-friendly experience for your customers and internal workforce. You need to keep in mind that selecting the right operating system for your mobile app determines its impact over the course of time. This is why we thoroughly analyse and evaluate your business goals before recommending the platform that best suits your business. Whether you are on the lookout for iOS or Android app developers, our team can offer the best suited solution that matches your requirement.

iOS App Development

Our highly experienced team of UX designers and iOS app developers can build a distinctive iOS app that will not only enhance your business processes but also help your brand thrive online. Aussie’s Own is well equipped to take on iOS app development for businesses of all sizes. We use the latest technologies to deliver customized one-of-a-class apps. Our team can undertake large-scale iOS app development projects that can seamlessly function on Apple phones, iPads and wearables. We take immense pride in having just the people that you need for your iOS app design and development project. Our highly qualified backend engineers are fully trained to work with all popular server-side technologies and can choose the best suited and most efficient architectural pattern for your app.

With decades of experience in designing and building apps for the iOS platform, our team has continuously evolved with the technological progress. Our programmers keep up to date with the latest versions of platforms, tools and technologies needed to build customised iOS apps for our clients. At Aussie’s Own, our developers use the XCODE IDE that comes with a code editor and also a GUI enabling a seamless code development for the best results. Our team makes use of programming tools like Interface Builder and XCode 7 along with the latest technologies such as Objective C, Swift, CoreGraphics API, SQLite database, OpenGL ES, and Cocoa Touch Development. You can have peace of mind knowing that we are well equipped to deliver game changing iOS app development solutions that can solve complex business problems and offer the best possible experience to the end users.

Android App Development

At Aussie’s Own, we offer a full-cycle Android design and development service – right from concept design and app strategy and planning to regular maintenance and updating. With decades of experience in the industry, our team can turn your business ideas into feature rich mobile solutions. No matter what your requirements are, we have got you covered. We give topmost priority to client satisfaction and our services are tailored to meet their needs and budget. Our team of highly experienced Android app designers and developers can build Android apps from the ground up to complement your existing desktop and web-based software or develop a free-standing app to take your business to a higher pedestal.

There are two approaches to write an Android App: scripting for the Native Android app and for the Hybrid Android app.

The Native Android App is platform-specific and is built using development tools and languages that only this platform supports. Native apps not only look good but also offer optimal performance as it gets the access it needs to operate on the device’s hardware and the features that are Android-specific. The most widely used scripting languages to build Native Android apps include Java, Android Studio and Google Material.

Hybrid apps are developed by using high-end and advanced web technologies like the HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. These apps are also known as ‘Write Once and Run Anywhere’, as they can run on several platforms including Android with the same coding. By using the native container wrap, they are handed over as regular apps.

Are you confused about which one to choose? Our experts are here to clarify your doubts. We will help you choose the best suited mode after assessing your business structure and objectives.

We have a team of highly trained developers that has decades of experience and expertise in working on customized Android app development projects. Our highly qualified team build impeccably integrated and up-to-date apps with high functionality and unmatched features to deliver a top-notch user experience tailored to match your business goals. We can help you reach out to a diverse range of audiences with a custom Android app made for your business.

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